Welcome To A.K. Industries


A.K. Industries is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Drop wires, Heald wires & Narrow fabric heald (Tape heald). By using ultra-modern machinery provide assurance of production in bulk capacity and thus meeting the ever increasing requirements of clients. Also, we use latest technology to offer precision engineered textile machinery, weaving loom spare parts and components. Our offered stainless steel drop pins are specially design to suitable for any kind of weaving loom either it is Sulzer, Rapier or Airjet.

Our Vision

Our vision is to carve ourselves as one of the most dynamic and customer-centric companies in the whole world.

Our Mission

Each and every product of our company is uniquely designed to meet our client’s expectations.

Our Quality

One of the best quality of our company is, we have highly educated and dedicated staff whose “Never Say No” approach has helped our company to continuously improvise the products, which meets the international quality standard.

Products Range

Textile Weaving Loom Dropwires

Drop Wires / Drop Pins

In the process of Weaving Loom, our manufactured range of Drop wires play a vital role. It is a metal device through which a warp yarn is threaded. If in case of warp yarn

Weaving Loom Heald Wires

Heald Wires

It is type of steel wire with an eye in the Centre or in another words, it is a similar device through which a warp yarn is threaded, which is used to lead the warp yarns to move

Narrow Fabric Heald

Narrow Fabric Heald (Tape Heald)

Narrow fabric heald wire  is a main part of the Jacquard harness assembly. This is the component that interfaces with the yarn. All functional aspects of our offered range