Malegao is a major center for the textile industry in India. A.K industries is leading manufacturer of Drop Wires in Malegao that produce high-quality drop wires for the textile industry.  They are essential components of textile machines. They are used to separate the warp and weft yarns during the weaving process. They are also used in other textile processes, such as knitting and dyeing.

The quality of the drop wire or pin used in weaving power loom has a significant impact on the quality of the finished fabric. It is important to select the right type of drop wires / Pins for your Weaving Looms, Mechanical, Rapier Loom, Sulzer Loom, Carpet Looms, Airjet loom, textile machine and textile yarn.

We manufactures and supplies a wide range of drop wires in a variety of types and sizes. We also offer custom made drop wires to meet the specific needs of our customers. We are ready to explore market of Malegao and want to serve their local area.